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Publications en ordre chronologique

Année : 2015

Parlons sciences et Amgen Canada. 2015. Évaluation de l’influence exercée par les parents : Orienter les décisions prises par les adolescents en ce qui concerne l’apprentissage des sciences [PDF]  [Infographic]

Année : 2014

Parlons sciences et Amgen Canada. 2014. Pleins feux sur l’apprentissage des sciences. Façonner la main-d’œuvre de demain : Comment les adolescents du Canada envisagent-ils leur avenir? [PDF] [Infographique]

Année : 2013

Parlons sciences et Amgen Canada. 2013. Pleins feux sur l’apprentissage des sciences. Les coûts élevés de l’abandon des sciences et des mathématiques. [PDF] [Infographique]

Année : 2012

Parlons sciences et Amgen Canada. 2012. Pleins feux sur l’apprentissage des sciences - Une référence sur le talent canadien [PDF]

Hu, J., G. Orpwood, B. Schmidt. 2012. Competing in the 21st Century Skills Race. Policy Options: 81-84. [PDF] [CCCE]

Schmidt, B. 2012. Developing Talent for Canada’s Healthcare Future. html

Année : 2011

Schmidt, B. 2011. Want your kids to become entrepreneurs & innovators: How to give your kids a head start. MEDI Blog. html

Parlons sciences et Amgen Canada. 2011. Sondage de 2011 d'Angus Reid/Vision Critical – L'attitude des parents envers l'enseignement des sciences.[PDF]

Année : 2010

Parlons sciences et Amgen Canada. 2010. Sondage de 2010 d’Angus Reid/Vision Critical – Perspectives des ados sur les sciences. [PDF]

Année : 2008

Let’s Talk Science. 2008. Wings of Discovery Early Years Adopt-a-Centre Initiative: 1-4. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 2007

Ross, T., B. Schmidt. 2007. The Canadian Scene: Developing an Innovation Culture through Science & Technology Engagement (Roundtable Background Paper): 1-13. [Abstract] [PDF]

Let’s Talk Science. 2007. Reaching Out: Understanding Researcher Interests and Needs in Science Outreach. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 2006

Schmidt, B., K. Knox. 2006. A wake-up call on science literacy: Canada’s future depends on it. Policy Options: 74-77. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 2005

Queen’s University Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG). 2005. Wings of Discovery Year Two Findings: 1-3. [Abstract] [PDF]

Let’s Talk Science. 2005. Wings of Discovery Pilot Program Evaluation (with Computers for Schools): Final Report: 1-23. [Abstract] [PDF]

S. Taylor. 2005. Writing Science for Preschool Educators. ScienceLink 26(2): 7. [Abstract] [PDF]

K. Taylor. 2005. Bubble-Wrap and Orange Juice. ScienceLink 26(2): 6. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 2004

Queen’s University Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG). 2004. Wings of Discovery Year One Findings: 1-3. [Abstract]

Brukner, R., W. Davis. 2004. Science is Child’s Play. Interaction 18(2): 24. [Abstract] [PDF]

A. Elworthy. 2004. Effects of Wings on Core Knowledge: Report on the Wings of Discovery‚ Baseline Data Survey and Project Evaluation: 1-17. [Abstract][PDF]

A. Elworthy. 2004. Constructivist Theory of Learning. Interaction 18(2): 28. [Abstract] [PDF]

M. Quinn. 2004. ECEs: Helping Children to Find Science Everywhere. Interaction 18(2): 25-26. [Abstract] [PDF]

S. Taylor. 2004. Learning Begins at Birth. Interaction 18(2): 27-28. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 2002

M. Krstovic. Adapting Hands-on Science to ESL students and Special Needs students: Nature and Experiences of Hands-on Science, University of Western Ontario. [PDF]

Année : 2001

Clarke, C. and others. 2001. Building Life Skills Through Science Education. ICWES12: 1-9. [Abstract] [PDF]

D. Watt. 2001. Let’s Talk Science: Making Science Education Exciting, Relevant and Rewarding. The Conference Board of Canada: 1-12. [Abstract][PDF]

Année : 2000

B.M. Schmidt. 2000. Improving Scientific Literacy. Orbit 31(3): 58-59. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 1999

J.L. Waddilove. 1999. Native Youth Science Leadership Project: 1-11. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 1998

Schmidt, B., T. Stravaky. 1998. Introducing High School Students to Neurophysiology. Advances in Physiology Education 18(1): S41-S46. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 1997

Bencze, J.L., B.M. Schmidt. 1997. Collaborative Curriculum Development Among Science Educators from Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schools. CSSE (The Canadian Society for the Study of Education). [Abstract] [PDF]

Bencze, J.L., B.M. Schmidt. 1997. Action Research amongst Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Science educators: promoting mutual challenge and support . National Association for Research in Science Teaching. [Abstract][PDF]

B.M. Schmidt. 1997. Let’s Talk Science. Professionally Speaking: 15-16. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 1996

B.M. Schmidt. 1996. “Chem-Kids”: an OAC chemistry independent study project. The Crucible 27(3): 8. [Abstract] [PDF]

B.M. Schmidt. 1996. Science Now!! at the University of Western Ontario. The Crucible 27(3): 7. [Abstract] [PDF]

Schmidt, B.M., R.M. Nixon. 1996. Improving girls’ attitudes towards science. Public Understanding of Science 5: 255-268. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 1995

K. Edge. 1995. The impact of participation in the Scientist Badge Programme on Science Attitudes: 1-28. [Abstract] [PDF]

Année : 1994

B.M. Schmidt. 1994. Science Now!!. The Crucible 26(1): 7-9. [Abstract] [PDF]